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Half Price for Elderly Joy You Card 2023


Dinner Buffet Cruise:Get on board before 30 June, enter coupon code「JOYYOU2023」in website booking to enjoy 20% off discount

Elderly Joy You Card enjoys Half Price Discount

Elderly Half Price Discount is not applicable on 10, 11, 17, 18 June 2023.

Reserve your seat via hotline 2802 2886, WhatsApp 6343 0335, email: reserve@cruise.com.hk , Elderly Half Price Discount is not applicable in website booking.

*10% service charge of original price applies.

Dinner Buffet Cruise 2023


New schedule for Dinner Buffet Cruise 

Please refer to the poster for details

Classic Vehicular Ferry Charter



-  130 passengers

-  Space for 25 four-seater Vehicles

-  2 hours Cruising in Victoria Harbour

-  Local Hong Kong Style Snacks Buffet

-  Free Flow of Vitasoy and Soft Drink 

Captain Cat


Our Captain Cat gives North Point (East) Passenger Ferry Pier a new life, during the good times and hard times of our long presence in Hong Kong.