30% off on "Symphony of Light" Global Seafood and International Barbecue Dinner Buffet Cruise


From 17 Oct 2020

Upgraded Buffet

30% off discount

Happy birthday to you!


Get on board on you Birthday
★ Free of Charge for the VIP Room
★ With 4 or more people, birthday star can enjoy the dinner for free
★ 40% discount on the entire bill
★ Free birthday cake (1 lb) or a bollte of Italian sparkling juice
★ Happy Birthday balloon decoration on windows

Captain Cat Takeaway Broth and Soups (24 oz)


Oxtail Borscht with Bread
Tom Yum Goong with Abalone and Prawn with Garlic Bread

Morocco Tomato Beef Soup with Bread
England Fish Chowder with Crackers
Scallion Potato Broth (Vegetarian) with Crackers
Pairs Onion Soup (Vegetarian) with Garlic Bread



$40 only

*Dine-in Only ,Berth at North Point (East) Passenger Ferry Pier

Captain Cat Takeaway Set Menu - 20% off Discount, Discounted Price for $62 only!


Takeaway Set Menu HK$78 per set

business hours from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm

Dining Discount Bonanza:  20% off Discount, Discounted Price for $62 only!

  • 5 set or above enjoy free delivery to your building lobby (Quarry Bay, North Point, Fortress Hill, Tin Hau).
  • Stamp Card: 3 stamps for $30 discount, 6 stamps for $40 discount, 10 stamps for one free Set Menu. 
Foodpanda Available

Takeaway Set Menu for 2-4 persons


$330 for two persons

$580 for four persons

Captain Cat Cake Selection


香港製造 Made in Hong Kong

Sailing Cookies + Captain Sponge Cake


香港製造 Made in Hong Kong

Group Discount


 一二三四 開開心心嘆美食

五六七八 精精神神遊維港